Great article on how to make a Fez hat

I found this great article to share with you about making a Fez… Now you may think that a Fez is outdated or not ever worn… but in Steampunk a Fez goes… A Real Fez [#3700]
Photo by I am I.A.M.

If Steampunk is not your thing this article still provides good information and great instructions that can improve your skills or you can adapt to your own creations… Try it out and enjoy!

Here is the Steampunk Fez link!

International Millinery Forum Date delayed until to January 2012

Due to a number of difficult circumstances faced by the International Millinery Forum organising committee such as drought, flash flooding, and economic crisis. This has unfortunately impacted on the group’s ability to plan and organise for a 2011 forum. The group is passionate about millinery, and the foruPhoenix
Photo by abscraft
m and therefore want to continue its success in Wagga Wagga with a 2012 International Millinery Forum.

The Date for the next Millinery Forum is:

14 – 21 January 2012

If it is anything like the previous two forums it will be an event not to be missed.

An excellent link on making a blocked beret…

I found this great blog post on another millinery website on a blocked beret made with a straw hood. They show a technique I had not seen before of using reed that is used for basket making to hold the hood in place on the block, this is particularly important in the block shown in the post as it has folds in it. An easy way to get precise folds into a hat is to use a block with them in it. Anyway here is the link the the blocked beret post.

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Hugh Jackman wins best celebrity hat wearer…

I couldn’t go past this article last year Brad Pitt won best celebrity hat wearer of the year this year Hugh Jackman.  Okay so maybe this article just caught my eye because it had Hugh Jackman and hats in the same article. I do wonder who judges these competitions and although the hat Hugh wore in the film Australia shot to fame… I am not all that sure that it makes him a hat wearer.. I mean I see guys wearing akubras all the time and its is just a practicality – it keeps the sun out – not for stylish or fashion reasons. Here is an article with Hugh wearing that famous ‘Australia’ hat.

Okay so I think the evidence is rather scarce on Hugh Jackman wearing hats other than in Australia. French supermodel, singer and French First Lady Carla Bruni did win female celebrity hat wearer of the year but none of the articles I could find actually included a photo of her they were all very Hugh Jackman centric. There was however a good article on what makes a man wear a hat.

In other news however I did find an interesting article on hats for petite women. It explains the type of hats that suit a petite woman. And here is a good article on the decline of hats.

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Article on wearing hats for summer

The Times Online have an interesting article on wearing hats for summer click here to read I thought I would share it with you as it has a good photo gallery connected to it. There is also a headband photo gallery as well that may be of interest.